Established 2013, Shenzhen Keja Optoelectronic Co.Ltd is engaged in design, production and sell of screen protector for mobile electronic devices. Our main strength is tempered glass and soft film like PET, TPU, PMMA.


  • A lot of customers doubt the function of Keja

    A lot of customers doubt the function of Keja’s ice cooling case becuause people can only feel  cold when put it in hands. However there is no accurate test data as proof. Now, keja made a full test. We stimulated normal use mode, then charge/discharge same  mobilephone ...

  • Screen protector materials : Nano Glass,Tpu, PET, Tempered glass

    With the rapid development of smart phones, mobile phone protective film and other accessories are also popular among customers! Mobile phone protective film can be divided into mobile phone anti-spy film, mobile phone anti-blue film, mobile phone hydraulic film, mobile ...

  • iPhone14 Screen Protector , 100% Data Warranty,

    A lot of screen protectors have worked on iPhone14 series screen protector from March 2020. From March to now, almost all of them change data a few times. However, 2022’s iPhone14pro and iPhone14 pro max, these 2 models have big different desing in faceID area. It brough...

  • The Ice Cooling Gel

    “Passive hydrogel film cooling technology”Based on the evaporative cooling and heat dissipation of spacecraft, and the principle of human sweating and heat dissipation, the function of circulating evaporative cooling is realized. Under the action of the ordinary phone pr...

  • ice cooling mobile phone case

    Based on screen protector business,KEJA released a new protection products for mobilephone:ice cooling mobile phone case. The ice cooling features comes from a high tech material called cooling gel whose working rule is inspired by bionics of human body: antipyretic: the...


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